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Your community is important. So are community activities, Board meetings, and all that behind-the-scenes work.
Cranberry Community Management Co. will:
  • Attend Board of Director meetings
  • Attend Home Owners meetings
  • Attend annual meetings
  • Create a slide show for your annual meeting, showing the before and after pictures of community projects
  • Create and present a list of Board achievements
  • Community Newsletters
  • Maintain your community's website (optional)
We will also coordinate and work with your Board and Committees for community activities, such as:
  • Summer Picnic
  • Community Garage Sales
  • Clean Up Days
  • Annual Meeting (Dinner)
Our services
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Transition Management
Community Property Inspections
Residential Property Inspections
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We are   A "Proactive" Community Management Company Serving Your Community HOA™